Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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EUR researchers on the coronavirus

Many EUR researchers are studying the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on society. Virologist Marion Koopmans (Erasmus MC) is for instance frequently interviewed on the virus. She is one of the world leaders in research on the spread of viruses. But also experts in the field of economics, law and sociology are studying the pandemic. 

Our researchers in the media about corona

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    Implications for the human life course in societies around the world

    A group of international researchers draw on their collective expertise on how the Covid-19 pandemic changes assumptions on the human life course.

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    Laconic attitude towards historically low economic figures

    The negative effects of the coronavirus on the European economy have been apparent for some time and recent GDP figures confirm a historic fall in the eurozone economy.

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    Update COVID-19

    The number of COVID-19 infections has risen in Rotterdam over the past weeks. According to GGD Rotterdam, multiple EUR students have tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Exceptionally high systemic risk in major banks

    Similar to the situation during the financial crisis more than a decade ago, banks experience significant macroeconomic shocks during the current corona crisis.

  • Coronavirus pandemic gives boost to MOOCs

    One of the effects of the early 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, is that online teaching experiences a boost in virtually all disciplines.

Our experts

At Erasmus MC, leading scientists are working on the coronavirus, such as Professor Marion Koopmans. At our other schools, several academics are also looking at the pandemic from their scientific perspective - ranging from economics to sociology.

Professor Marion Koopmans
Head of Department Viroscience
Dr Bart Haagmans
Researcher at the department Viroscience
Dr Eric van Gorp
Medical specialist at department of Viroscience
Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort Schuit
Internist acute medicine-intensivist | Chair Department of Internal Medicine
prof.dr. (Lucas) LCPM Meijs
prof.dr. (Renske) R Keizer

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Researchers about the coronavirus

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