Poverty and inequality
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Poverty and inequality in Rotterdam and the Netherlands

Which measures can be taken to decrease poverty and inequality in Rotterdam? How many people in the Netherlands are living below the breadline? And which actions are already being taken to battle poverty and make cities more inclusive? Read more about our resesarch and education about poverty and inequality.

Research on poverty and inequality

The academics of Erasmus University Rotterdam are working hard for a city in which civilians are all equal. They contribute to solutions for poverty and (youth) inemployability. They translate their theoretical insights into practical advices and solutions.

16e Rotterdamlezing door Derk Loorbach

Studio Erasmus: Kansen van witte meisjes op mbo

Hoe pakken Rotterdammers onzichtbare armoede aan?

Our experts on poverty and inequality

  • prof.dr. (Jeroen) J van der Waal

    prof.dr. (Jeroen) J van der Waal

    Sociologist Jeroen van der Waal (PhD Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2010) is Full Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Fellow at Erasmus University…
  • dr. (Gwen) G van Eijk

    dr. (Gwen) G van Eijk

    Gwen van Eijk is a criminologist and urban sociologist and currently Assistant Professor of Criminology.Gwen’s research focuses on the role of social…
  • prof.dr. (Menno) HJM Fenger

    prof.dr. (Menno) HJM Fenger

    Menno Fenger is an Endowed Professor of Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam.He studied Public Administration and Organizational Sciences at…
  • (Gijs) GJ Custers MSc

    (Gijs) GJ Custers MSc

    Gijs Custers is a Postdoc researcher at the Department of Sociology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.His current research examines the effects of the…


Ourstudy programmes about inequality and poverty

  • Social Inequalities

    Why are social divisions in society increasing? Are you interested in knowing how welfare policies can help to reduce social inequality? Then this master track…

Tackling Inequalities

An interdisciplinar honours programme for master students

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