Questions about digitalisation and governance?

Professor Klaus Heine

Klaus Heine is a Professor in Law and Economcis at the Erasmus School of Law. He teaches about European economic policies on bachelor, master and PhD level. He is one of the few academics who conducts research on the intersection of economics, law and management. He is an expert in the field of the legal embedding of digitalisation and often advises policy-makers about related topics.

Heine is specialised in European economic policies (particularly state aid control, federalism and digitalisation), law and economics and management.

Why robots should be given legal status

Klaus Heine about legal issues regarding big data and privacy

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What rights and duties does a robot have?

Professor Klaus Heine is a leading expert in the field of digital governance in Europe. In a podcast of Studio Erasmus, he discusses the question whether a robot should have a legal personality, with historian and journalist Marianne Klerk and host Geert Maarse.

What is wrong with law as we know it now, why is it no longer sufficient?

"The big question in the digital revolution is whether the technological disruption that we see, also has disruptive consequences for the legal system. You can have the opinion that 'law is always sufficient and adaptable'. But in the digital revolution, we see that adjustments probably need to be made, in order to respond to the technological disruptive matters at hand." 

Can you give an example?

"One of the most important questions is arising in the field of artificial intelligence. If a robot or A.I. starts to make decisions through deeplearning, who is responsible? Is it man who is in the background, or is it a company that used the A.I. system, or are we encountering a new decision-making entity? Perhaps this entity should have, as a consequence, its own legal personality."

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