15th Annual ACE Conference

15th Annual ACE Conference

We are encouraging competition economists (academics, consultants, agency members) interested in the work of ACE to submit a proposal for a case presentation at the 15th Annual ACE Conference, which will take place on 16th and 17th November 2017 at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid.

The submission should include a brief (one page maximum) summary of the facts and economic aspects of the case as well as a short discussion of why the case may be of particular interest to the ACE community. We encourage that the submission is also discussed in advance with consultants and agency members who would seem appropriate to present or discuss the case at the conference. Please also specify whether a public version of the decision by the relevant competition agency is available, and the language of the decision.

The deadline for submission of case proposals is May 30 2017. Submissions should be sent be email to the ACE Secretariat (dagny.kristiansen@nhh.no).

The ACE Executive Committee

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