22 - 26 May Library on the Move

22 - 26 mei Library on the Move

Library on the move: 22-26 May
Before we can open our doors we have to move back into the B-building. And to get this right, this is quite an undertaking therefore all Library services will be closed from 22-26 May. So order or return your books on time!!!

As of 29 May you will be able to study in the Library again
Hold on just bit, it won’t be much longer. It is just a few weeks until we reopen the doors of the library. So if you are looking for a space where you can study in a quiet environment? You are most welcome on May 29 at 8.00 hrs. You are invited to one of our 900 study spaces so you can perfectly prepare for your final exams of this academic year.

Polak or the Library?
For study spaces you will be able to choose for Polak as well as the Library. However there is a difference in between the type of studying they facilitate. Do you need to concentrate and focus for a (final) exam, then the library is your best choice as we offer silent study spaces. Do you have to prepare a presentation or work in groups, than Polak is most suitable as it is designed for group work. Besides that, the Social Sciences study section will stay here as well as the EDSC.