6 free festivals you want to visit this summer

Rotterdam is a festive city. Especially in summer there are lots of festivals, some even for free. Here are the ones you should not miss.

1. Kannen & Kruiken
Come and taste exciting new beers and lovely wines during this festival at The Park around the Euromast. You only pay for your first glass. Did all the drinking make you hungry? There are plenty of food trucks, while bands and DJs take care of the music.

When: 15 June – 18 June

2. North Sea Round Town
As a warm-up to the famous North Sea Jazz Festival, in the two weeks before you can discover the best sounds Rotterdam has to offer. All over town surprise concerts will be held, in both small venues as well as the bigger ones. Moreover, it’s not only about jazz, since also blues, soul, funk, pop, and hip-hop will be played.

When: 22 June – 9 July

3. Metropolis Festival
A yearly event since 1988, Metropolis and Rotterdam go way back. Lots of upcoming bands that once performed here became famous later, for example The Black Keys, The Killers, and The XX. Let’s see who’ll surprise us this year and become the band about which we’ll say later: ‘I saw them first.’

When: 2 July

4. Eendracht festival
Local artists, spoken-word, organisers, entrepreneurs; basically everyone who wants to contribute to an even more awesome Rotterdam is being welcomed at Eendracht Festival. Want to know what it's all about? In the month leading up to the festival, at a special pre-party, the hosts present a sneak preview of what to expect.

When: 22 June (pre-party) and 20 July (festival)

5. Dag van de Romantische Muziek
Dress in your best outfit and get into a romantic mood for this special festival. For two days The Park around the Euromast will be the scene of beautiful sights while classical music fills the ears.
When: 19 and 20 August

6. Veerhavenconcert
Simply find yourself a spot on the waterside or sail your own boat towards the stage to enjoy a free concert by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Being surrounded by antique sailing yachts and sloops and monumental buildings while listening to the music and looking at the special light, it’s like something out of a fairytale.

When: 26 of August