6.10 Phd Defence Cyril Fegue | Managing the City-Region like a startup

"Managing the City-Region Like a Startup: entrepreneurialism and Shifting local Economic Governance in Developing Countries"

The emerging experience of cities in the Global South with competitiveness requires the rethinking of the very concept of urban competitiveness. This study proposes the distributionally-sensitive modeling of urban competitiveness (DS-MUC) driven by the norm of Equity. The DS-MUC is posited as a critical theory to neoliberalism and a contribution to the social sustainability and normative study of post-capitalist urban transformations in the Global South.The application of the DS-MUC in the investigation of Da Nang in Vietnam and Cebu City in the Philippines reveals that an interactive, relational and network-based entrepreneurial governance capacity has a much greater proclivity to deliver Equity and therefore to achieve a 'high-quality competitiveness' than a city's organizing capacity embedded in illiberal, state-paternalistic and public-sector monopolistic arrangements. 

Promotor: J. Edelenbos
11.30 | Senaatszaal

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Marjolein Kooistra, mediarelaties Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences | kooistra@essb.eur.nl | 010 408 2135