7 hilarious April Fools' Day pranks

Pulled by universities.

Oh yes, the fine line between jest and egregious fallacy can be found. 

1) Spruced up statues

Dressing mascots up has become a longstanding tradition but Poor Tommy is the absolute winner. He has been the victim of so many pranks (including having his sword repositioned in a rather uncomfortable manner) that the school has installed a live webcam to deter further assaults on his integrity.

2) Remodelled campus buildings

A few enterprising students at Carlton College remodelled a whole building, transforming the university’s observatory into a huge replica of R2D2

3) Cars hoisted onto university buildings

In 1958, Peter Davey of Cambridge University started the trend of sticking a car on the roof of a campus building. It took a week to get the car down afterwards. In 1994 some MIT students followed suit, hoisting a (fake) campus security car atop Building 10, issued with a parking ticket. 

4) Fake students

Georgia tech student William Edgar Smith received an extra enrollment form and signed up his imaginary friend George P Burdell. Nowadays Burdell is a university legend who's earned a number of degrees, become a respected member of many clubs, and is a supposed acquaintance of Barack Obama. 

5) What’s in a name anyway?

Johns Hopkins University changed its name, dropping the superfluous 's' for a cleaner 'John Hopkins' title. Their president announced that the extra 's' 'was a typo in the first place' causing an 'advanced identity crisis' for undergraduates.

6)  Mythical intruder

The College of William & Mary discovered a nest atop the Student Recreation Center. It was found after students reported seeing objects like a giant pair of nail clippers, a limited edition DVD of The Lion King, and a CD of The Eagles' greatest hits falling from the sky. Investigators decided to take a look at the nest themselves and found the inhabitant was none other than the Griffin, W&M's mythical mascot who is part eagle, part lion.

7) Website takeover

George Washington University Student Newspaper did a full takeover of their site, relaunching for one day as The GW Hatchet Job. Amongst their spoof headlines: 

  • To make up for budget cuts, university sells weed on the side
  • The Hatchet Job celebrates its 1 millionth error
  • The five GW guys you'll meet on Tinder

Source: The Guardian and DCINNO

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