8 Tips on how to make the most of student life

Go out to places you’ve never been before

Your years at university are meant to be some of the best of your whole life. It’s a transition period that imbues some essential life lessons, a time of self-expression and self-discovery. So better take advantage now, with these eight tips, before your student days are over.

1. Take classes besides your major
University is perfect not only to discover what your interests really are, but also to find out that they may not be as steadfast as they seemed to be. Therefore: make the most of the classes the university offers, even if they fall outside your main discipline. During your third bachelor year, you have the opportunity to take on a minor, and even one offered by another faculty. You can also decide to specialise with a minor within your faculty. In any case, a minor offers you the chance to complement your academic education in whatever way you choose.

2. Wander around town
It may seem easier and more convenient to stay within the confines of the campus or your neighbourhood, especially when everything you need is within a five mile radius. However, please do venture outside of the bubble. Discover all Rotterdam has to offer. In that way later, when you’re stuck in adult life, you won’t have the feeling that you were in very cool place but actually did not get to know it at all.

3. Join a social club
There are many organisations in Rotterdam for both national and international students. Study associations or fraternities, but also cultural, sports, political, and international organisations. They all offer you the chance to meet new people, gain different experiences, and collect another view on the world. Check this list to see which one you would like to join.

4. Befriend people that are different to you
Sometimes the most meaningful friendships one can have are with people who don’t belong to your typical social circle and have different backgrounds. So, try to meet and befriend people who don’t hang out with your usual crowd; you can learn a lot from those who have interests that aren’t similar to your own.

5. Take your grades seriously but not too seriously
Yes, grades do matter in terms of finding a job later. No one will hire or accept you if your transcript indicates that you spent little time studying. However, the score you got on an individual assignment or exam won’t significantly impact you in the long run. So, when Friday night rolls around, close your books, get out of the library, let your hair down and have some fun!

6. Show up to class
Who hasn't experienced the temptation to skip that nine o’clock class after a particularly rough Thursday night bender? No one makes it through university without skipping at least one class, but still it's a good idea to show up. Later in life there will be moments you just wish you could be in a class, surrounded by smart people learning new things.

7. Learn the art of power napping
Students are perpetually exhausted. This is sometimes because of unbearable workloads, but more often than not because of accidentally staying up browsing Reddit or making the hare brained decision to go out until four in the morning while having class at nine. The best way to combat fatigue and still enjoy the good things in life is to learn how to properly power nap. A break in between classes? Find a quiet space and rest. Afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed.

8. Go out to places you’ve never been before
Venture out of the campus bubble and hit up nightlife spots that your fellow students don’t frequent. There are plenty to choose from, like the 10 best dance clubs in Rotterdam.


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