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Access to databases from home

Toegang tot databanken vanuit huis

From VPN to EZproxy: what’s changing? 
From 4 January, you will be able to access our paid databases from home via EZproxy. No VPN connection will be required. Just login once with your ERNA account.

The UL is using the proxy server EZproxy to give students and staff access to databases when working at home. This concerns databases for which the UL has a licence as well as content available via search engine sEURch. 

How does it work? 

At home or when travelling, click on the link to a database (for example in the database list or via a portal on the UL website) on your smartphone or tablet and login once with your ERNA account. This is also required for a search in sEURch. After login, all the databases which you visit are open to you for several hours. 


Before, you had to create a VPN connection with the EUR server to search our databases. This is still possible. However, because of the problems regularly involved in creating a VPN connection (particularly with Android devices), the UL recommends accessing them via EZproxy. 


The library has changed all the URLs to databases on the website to facilitate EZproxy. Do you have your own bookmarks for certain databases? Change the URL with the EZ Proxy tool or create the bookmark again from our site. You can also install the Bookmark tool in your ‘Favourites’. With this tool, an ‘old’ URL is automatically reloaded to a new one. 

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