Access to Oxford University Press e-journals will end by end of May 2017!

No agreement between Dutch universities (VSNU) and Oxford University Press

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and Oxford University Press (OUP) have been unable to reach a new agreement on access to OUP's academic journals.

All journal issues published up to 1 June will remain accessible, journal issues and therefore articles published after 1 May will not be availble at least until an agreement has been reached. This means that as of June 1, a large part of the OUP journals are no longer accessible.

The key priority in the negotiations for VSNU was facilitating the transition to open access – freely accessible articles – without Dutch scholars having to pay double to make them available in this way. OUP made a proposal to the Dutch universities which did not include an offer for affordable open access. The research universities in the Netherlands are unable to agree to this.

Please check the VSNU news article for more information

Note: some OUP journals fall outside the scope of these negotiations and will remain accessible (see attached title list).