Access problems databases

Login issues with library databases

From the IT department:

At this moment a large group of users is experiencing problems in accessing databases contracted by the University Library. With this communication we would like to explain what has happened and inform you in how you can still use these databases.

What has happened?
A large number of big changes have recently been made at the network infrastructure:

1. The wireless network was able to accommodate 2000 devices for employees, which in recent months has turned out to be too tight. Therefore a new address range was put in place to accommodate 4000 devices.

2. The same has been done for the student part of the wireless network. For that part the address space is replaced from 8000 addresses to 16000 addresses.

3. For the renovated Sanders building a complete new infrastructure has been put in to place, for which new address ranges are used.

Although the changes were well prepared, the consequences for accessing the databases were not recognized. Therefor the UB staff had no opportunity to inform the database suppliers of the upcoming changes. The IT department apologizes for the caused inconvenience.

What are the consequences?
All wireless network users now use a new address range. And all fixed network users in Sanders use a new address range.

As a result of these address changes, approximately 160 database contracted by the library are not accessible from these new addresses. This is because these databases allow access based on the senders address of the devices used.

How can I access the databases at the moment?
In order to still gain access to the databases the temporary procedure is as followed:

1. All wireless users can access the database via EZproxy. Explanation of this procedure can be found at:
Please note, the known issues at the bottom of the page!

2.Employees of the fixed network in Sanders can in addition to EZproxy also use MyApps (Remote Desktop).

Meanwhile, the Library staff is working hard to contact the database suppliers to carry out these address changes.  It is expected that this process needs some time to be carried out totally

Please contact the USC Front Office by e-mail ( or by phone (010 40 88880)