‘Advancing Science, Impacting Society’ theme 105th dies natalis

Research doesn’t only advance science, it advances society on the whole. That has been the view of Erasmus University ever since its inception 105 years ago. ‘Advancing Science, Impacting Society’ is therefore the theme of Erasmus University Rotterdam’s 105th birthday (Dies Natalis) on 8 November 2018. The university will honour three renowned scientists who excel in research and whose work is of great social value. They will receive an honorary doctorate. Also, the FAME Athena Award for talent development will also be gifted.

There is a growing understanding these days that research can be a two-pronged tool: on the one hand, it serves as a motor for scientific progress, and on the other it allows for making societal impact. Think, for example, of research for the prevention of viruses like Zika, or research that helps new Rotterdam residents from different backgrounds integrate into their neighbourhoods. ‘Advancing Science, Impacting Society’ is the therefor the theme of Erasmus University Rotterdam’s 105th birthday, and part of its 21st lustrum celebrations, ‘Science Meets City’.

Honorary doctorates

Erasmus University will honour three renowned scientists who excel in research and whose work is of great social value. They will receive an honorary doctorate by recommendation of the three Erasmus Initiatives: interdisciplinary research-projects that contribute to solving significant societal issues of our time. The honorary doctors:

  • Professor Davey Smith Erasmus on the recommendation of lnitiative Smarter Choices for Better Health. Clinical epidemiologist Davey Smith is a frontrunner when it comes to innovative research in the field of health inequality.
  • Professor Nina Glick-Schiller on the recommendation of Erasmus Initiative Vital Cities and Citizens. Anthropologist Glick-Schiller connects questions of migration, identity, power, citizenship and urban development. In this field Glick-Schiller is considered a leading scientist.
  • Professor Debra Satz on recommendation of Erasmus lnitiative Dynamics of lnclusive Prosperity. The American philosopher Debra Satz’s work is of the highest quality and contributes to a wide variety of fields, such as ethics and social and political philosophy.

FAME Athene Award

Next to awarding the honorary doctorates, the FAME Athena Award will also be gifted to a staff member who has gone about and beyond to encourage talent development and diversity within the university. Diversity and inclusion are important themes for Erasmus University.

The 100-year-old Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra will be accompanying the event with a unique arrangement.

More info and registration here.

More information

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