‘All hands on deck’ during Eurekaweek


This year more students than ever will be taking part in Eurekaweek, Erasmus University Rotterdam’s official introduction week. Eurekaweek will run from Sunday, 20 August to Thursday, 24 August 2017. The organisers expect to welcome some 3,200 new students. The theme of this edition is ‘All hands on deck’, with special attention paid to international students, master students and students from a multicultural background.

Eurekaweek is an ideal occasion for new students to get to know each other and find out more about the university, the various associations and the city. Over the course of four days, the participants will roam around Rotterdam, exploring the town’s student life in groups of some 15 students.

This year the organisers expect a record number of participants: some 3,200 in all. Thanks to clever planning, they have been able to increase the capacity of the week slightly further in comparison with last year’s edition (some 2,900 participants).

Record attempt with Sustainable Dancefloor
This year’s theme is ‘All hands on deck’. Of course this can be seen as clear reference to the port of Rotterdam and the city’s ‘can do’ mentality. But the word ‘all’ also stands for inclusion and diversity. The latter themes play an important role within Erasmus University. For example, there’s the event EUR Talk: How to survive as a student, in which professors and successful students discuss the best ways to ‘join in’ at Erasmus University. In addition, there’s a multicultural food festival at Kralingse Plas.

In addition, Eurekaweek will pay a lot of attention to sustainability. For example, the new students will be challenged to generate a record amount of electric power by dancing on the ‘Sustainable Dancefloor’. This record attempt has been scheduled for Monday, 21 August – location: Schouwburgplein. In addition, drinks at the festival will be served in recyclable hard plastic cups, to cut down on plastic waste, and Monday has been designated ‘Meatless Monday’.

Reception for international students
A new item on this year’s programme is a dedicated day for international students at EUR. This day has been dubbed ‘International Docking Station’, and was organised in response to the growing number of international students who enrol at Erasmus University.

On Sunday, 20 August, a day before the official opening in De Doelen, Rector Magnificus Huibert Pols will officially welcome these students to campus. In addition, they will be supported with a variety of practical matters, like opening a Dutch bank account or making arrangements for possible health expenses. The international students – some 600 in all – will also be introduced to typical Dutch food like poffertjes and cafeteria staples like chips with a snack.

Master students
Eurekaweek isn’t just organised for new bachelor students – it’s definitely also intended for new master students. This means that for some of them this is actually their second edition of the introduction week. For the most part, the approximately 400 master students will be doing the same activities as the first-year students, but on Wednesday, 23 August, the programme features a special Master Day with activities geared towards this group. These activities will mainly centre on the students’ prospects after graduation. Among other things, the Master Day programme includes job application trainings, workshops and inspiring lectures by a number of EUR alumni.

Other highlights include an opportunity to explore the town on Monday (Cruise the City), the campus day and the Cantus on Tuesday, a sports day at Excelsior on Wednesday and the Playground on Willemsplein in the afternoon. Eurekaweek will be rounded off on Thursday with the Night of the Songs. For further details and a full programme, click here.

Laurens Coumou, Chair of the Eurekaweek Committee (which is made up entirely of students): “Eurekaweek is the perfect way for any new student at Erasmus University to kick off his or her studies. As a participant, you can be sure that by the end of the week you’ll know everything you need to know to make the very most of your time as a student.”

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