Bachelor Double Degree with Philosophy and bachelor Philosophy receive predicate ‘Top rated programme 2018’ van Keuzegids

The bachelor programmes “Philosophy and “Double Degree with Philosophy of the Erasmus University Rotterdam have both received another great review in the ‘Keuzegids Universiteiten’. In fact, the programmes have both obtained the predicate ‘Topopleiding 2018’ – top rated programme 2018 – due to their great reviews. About the programmes, the ‘Keuzegids Universiteiten 2018’ says: “Rotterdam is great, with the facilities being the only flaw in an otherwise flawless review.” The bachelor Philosophy is getting the seal of approval for the fourth time in a row and the Double Degree with Philosophy programme is getting it for the second time in a row.

Students of the bachelor Double Degree with Philosophy mainly value the programme itself, which entails the level of the material, the cohesion of the used methods, and finally the quality of the exams. Furthermore, the students are very content with the ‘studyability’ of the programme. The category of ‘studyability’ entails the rostering of exams and assignments, the manageability of the deadlines and the reasonableness of the number of re-sits.

The students of the Philosophy programme, just like the students of the Double Degree with Philosophy programme, appreciate the level of the material, the cohesion of the used methods, and the quality of the exams. They also named ‘studyability’ as a standout feature of the programme. Furthermore, the students of the Philosophy programme also mention the quality of the lecturers, mentioning their continued involvement with the students in supervision and feedback, as well as their high level and professional know-how. Finally, the Faculty’s study counselling, both quantitatively and qualitatively, is highly appreciated.

Top rated programme

Only 66 of the more than four hundred reviewed programmes get the seal of approval called ‘Topopleiding’. Mostly small scale programmes attain those top reviews.

Keuzegids Universiteiten

The ‘Keuzegids Universiteiten’ compares and reviews all bachelor programmes at Dutch universities. The results are mostly based on the ‘Nationale Studenten enquete’ – the national student survey.

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