‘Be aware: a data breach can be just around the corner’

Be aware: a data breach can be just around the corner’

This headline opens the article on the front page of newsletter E-DATA & RESEARCH. Scientific research is changing because of new national and European rules and regulations concerning personal data. In the article Marlon Domingus (project manager Research Data Management (RDM) at EUR) and Mowsa Herregodts (Data Protection Officer Tilburg University) provide some useful information and tips on responsible Research Data Management.

A few tips:

  • In the process of data collection, it is important to separate the traceable data (communication file) from the research data and store these files on separate and secure locations;
  • While writing your research proposal it is important to consider how to take care of traceable data. Deliberate who must have access to this information, and whoever absolutely not;
  • Do not store sensitive data to public cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. But use SURFDrive.

For researchers who are getting overwhelmed by RDM, do not worry. Stated by Domingus: “the institution has a responsibility to assist by communicating clear RDM procedures, by providing facilities for safe storage, encryption, and the anonymization of data. And by appointing research assistants who can help by the writing of a research proposal.” 

Link to the article ‘Wees je bewust: een datalek ligt zo op de loer’ (Dutch only)