Blog post Diana - What advice has stuck with you for a long time?

I have been asked this question recently and it occupied my thought for the whole day. Of course, all of us receive and provide people around us with advice, but what is that one piece that became a motto or a guide-line in living your life?

I must admit, receiving advice is not my strongest point: as cliché as it can be, I really am always asking for it but end up doing things my way anyway. Although, even being as stubborn as I am, I still resonate with an advice received from my grandpa which I keep in my heart as words to live by.

“Find out what your worth is and when you do, always thrive for more, but never forget to put yourself first”. There are the words I have been raised with and the words I transformed from advice to personal mantra because growing up I was always encouraged to always do more and do good, especially since I had my grandpa as a role model.

He gave me this piece of advice in a time where I was struggling with my choice for my future. The reason why I was struggling was that I was trying to make everyone around me happy with my decision: not too far from home, a field that my family would understand and accept, a good university, etc. and my grandpa could see that I was very unhappy with the direction that I was heading towards with my decision. He came to me in a moment when I needed someone to tell me to stop doing what I was doing and choose a place that would make me happy and a field that would do good to my soul. Four years later, I am finding myself in Rotterdam out of all places, studying Communication and Media, a field that maybe is not very clear to my family, but a field that I study with passion.

Regarding the first part of the advice, it taught me to always look for new opportunities and to always look after new ways to develop myself from a personal perspective, because at the end of the day your actions define you and who you are.

I find it very beautiful and personal to ask someone what is the advice that stuck with them for a long time and it is also a way to learn about new perspectives and ways of looking at life. Always ask people about their inspiration sources. You never know what might apply to you too!