Blog post Silvia - Back to the roots: EESA for a day

Our blogger Silvia joins the EESA for a day
International Office - Laurin

I’m here again with the Eastern European Students Association (EESA)! And I am writing this not only because I have a new topic for the blog, but because I also was part of the team last year. I am gladly watching their improvements and their aim to better themselves as time passes by, thus I am proposing to you another small association on its way of getting stronger and stronger.

Back to the roots...

Armands, the Internal Relations Officer, presented to me the changes and the new structure: since the beginning of this year, EESA has 6 committees (Marketing, Educational events, Cultural events, Social events (Party crew), Sports events, City trip) and a total of 20 members. That’s wow. I remember last year we were about 15 people in total and there were no committees. That also was the first year EESA has officially become an association; and even though the group was slightly smaller, things were done the right way.

‘From the moment the new board started working, we decided to make a more effective structure of the association. This involves the committee system with supervisors in the board to effectively communicate and raise productivity’, Armands said.

What I have noticed recently is the diversity of the events, ranging from city trips, language cafés and exam preparations, to entertaining events, such as the well-known East Meets West party. It is challenging to have a small group dealing with so many events, but EESA has managed to find the right people for this every year. ‘I am also the one in charge with offering a post to new ambassadors/committee members. It’s a harder job than it seems’, Armands added.

Wait for it…

Did you think you need to be an Eastern European to be an EESA member? Think twice! The main purpose of this association is to promote Eastern culture in the Western part, but not only… EESA also wants to make it international. The goal is to support multiculturalism across the borders, so apply no matter the nationality!

Still, one thing is true: the ambassadors need to be representatives of different Eastern countries, applying for their own country. 

Why not check out their online portals and get your own idea? Go to their website, their Facebook or their Instagram and check them out! 

P.S.: Do not miss the Embassy event on Monday, 14th May, 18:00 in the Aula - Polish, Romanian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Czech Embassies will talk about labour migration from East to West

P.P.S.: Next Friday, 18th May, East Meets West party will take place in club Nora! Have a look on their website, if you are interested.


You always stay with your memories; being a part of EESA meant my first year of Uni. It was my first encounter with the university’s possibilities of redirecting your spare time into extra self-developing work. I also met new people who guided me and my two best friends, for whom I am utterly grateful.

You never know…