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Get what you give: Motivation.
International Office - Laurin

It’s Friday night and you’ve just had the exam week. You feel like partying or chilling; there’s no in between. But when the reverie of finally having a bit of “free time” goes away, the reality bursts. Again.

You realize you actually need more sleep, more body exercising, more focus? You need more ‘in between partying and chilling’…right?

I’m always in need of motivation, but ‘it’ll be alright’ is never enough. In fact that’s more or less nothing to me. No one’s gonna come saying they have a diploma waiting for me, my fridge won’t be full of healthy food overnight and my body won’t be fit while I read on the couch.

I’ve began by using Instagram mainly for searching simple food ideas and ways to study. On one hand, I find healthy and good-looking recipes that can be cooked in no time and with little money. On the other hand, regarding study, I only find pictures of tidy desks and cute books. Yeah, seems useless, but buying notebooks with motivational quotes on them and organizing my desk helped me start my study session, because that’s the most difficult part of actually studying. Hema has lots of cute notebooks and also Wibra, a store I discovered randomly last year.

Though, I never search for gym motivation online. I find that rather frustrating. Instead, I always check Erasmus Sport for activities ( ). I’ve learnt that fitness can also be achieved through more than running, biking or lifting weight, so why going hard and then go home and never come back? I personally also tried yoga by now and I think that’s one of the best kick-offs I’ve had for body wellness. I recommend a subscription to Erasmus Sport, even though I’ve heard plenty pros and cons about it. From my past experience, I am contented with the gym apparatus, the other classes and the prices. A good alternative would be Basic Fit, go check their website as well:

There’s a pop-up for those still searching for a bike: go check I’ve heard of this from a friend who actually tried it: you can basically rent a nice bike for little monthly money and their terms and conditions seem to be chill.

Now…a part-time job? That’s a tough subject. What do you want from it? Experience? Money? Little psychical effort and more physical effort? Or viceversa? Oh, and another good question: do you know Dutch or not? After answering these questions, also have in mind you won’t be able to fully finance yourself and you may encounter the disappointment of being rejected once or twice. Or three times. No worries. There are agencies in Rotterdam that may help you with that and I’ll come back with a post regarding these, as I plan to investigate them a bit ?.

Having my second year of university experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone has insufficiencies and even the most organized student has breakdown moments. And I’ve realized there’s no real method one could harmoniously mix EVERYTHING. There’s always a trade-off between things we’d like to do, because I guess that’s the price of the time. It took me a while to get used to the idea that I can’t stick to a fixed schedule. I just can’t have regulated meals, gym sessions, study hours, working and relaxing time every single day. I’d like to mention that by relaxing time I mean procrastination. And that’s to every student or student-to-be: don’t even bother about making it disappear. You can only slowly reduce it once responsibilities hit you like a cold wave and your inner self is strong enough to tell you ‘Hi! Can you please say what life is and what you want to do with it? ?’.