Blog post Silvia - Redressing the balance

Our blogger Silvia joins the UNICEF student team for a day
International Office - Laurin

...and what a day it was! These guys are doing a lot of work here. Yeah, but it is for a good cause! That is what Christina, the Marketing Chairwoman of the UNICEF student team Rotterdam, told me first things first when I came to their fund-raising event on Tuesday, in Concordia.

In the beginning...

I was really nervous on the way to meeting the UNICEF Student Team Rotterdam. I kept on questioning myself what I am going to ask them and what I actually want to find out. In fact, Im not a reporter.

I didnt want to find out anything in particular, but to see hows the team and whats up at one of their events it was a beer pong one this time. Well, I went with it and let it flow naturally. It all starts like this: people like or dislike something they actually experience. And, personally, I enjoyed each vibe people were transmitting there.

Christina, the Marketing Chairwoman two years in a row, guided me through their work and, to be honest, I found being an UNICEF active member quite challenging. In the best sense, though. She wasnt the only one telling me about this teams purposes, since I had friends being members last year and also this year. I know the feeling of being in a student association, but this time the conversation got me telling myself how?.

Weekly meetings and self-funding. Small team and good organising skills. Matching characters and  fulfilling activities. Self-development. Spreading awareness. In the end, its charity.

Again, matching characters. Thats the way to roll in here and it is to be seen in the way people connect with each others. I felt like the atmosphere was different from the other associations I know. But, please, dont over think it into detrimental comparisons and listen to me: I just want to emphasize that I had some moments of feeling spiritual, more empathetic and stuff like that. You know, its the context! Its thrilling on one hand. On the other hand I feel people may think its a tiny bit superficial. Maybe thats another reason why I have an affinity for this teamas long as you are there, you are there. You take the good case and make it yours. Its your cause to work for! Because, eventually, everyone with the same calling will believe in you.

But then...

One striking moment was finding out they still have their board applications (for the next academic year) open until the 25th of April. Quite soon for those who havent thought before of the idea of applying, but still in time for those who did or who can quickly feel this calling.

Go check their website for the team overview, their Facebook for next events or Instagram for catching stories and facts.

Im on my own journey of discovering more associations where students from EUR are actively involved. I really truly believe many of these small teams and even big ones should be considered more often. Join an association during your student years, join a group which motivates you to bloom and to spread your good vibes. Join a team which builds your career perspectives; for this reason I want you to follow me, even a little bit, through the path of what the student environment has to offer you

Another team is on the bucket list for the next blog!