Blog post Silvia- Tick tock stop

I missed this place. I am back again writing after a long time.

And as you have probably guessed, I am still not done with my “associations hunting” - writing about the small associations in EUR you need to know more about. But I’ll leave it aside only for this blog. As this is still an early period for the big events, I’ve decided to wait until the next association on my list organizes its impressive kick-off event. I will be back on this topic sooner than you think, with a fresh blog which will be of anyone’s interest.

But do you want to know what’s been crossing my mind since Uni began? Not too much and not too less than a constant conversation with my two-years-ago-self.


“Dear fresher:



Kind regards,

Your third-year-self.”

- sent from Iphone


I mean it. Just run from those fears of not being able to succeed. There’s a lot of brilliant minds surrounding you, but be inspired by them, not intimidated. See, you couldn’t be shining in the programme you’re studying, but you’re still here. You struggled for your tiny place here.

Run from an unbalanced routine!!!!! I repeat, run. Yes, it’s nice to stay up late exploring the city and it’s even nicer when you have your friends by your side. It’s nice to watch movies to relax. It’s nice to cook. It’s nice to read literature. It is nice to go out… I know you weren’t making an excess out of these things, but you somehow weren’t tactful enough in finding a balance.

Oh, and again, run. For real, get that general tonus you’ve been craving.

But, yes, eventually I’m proud you have overcome your weaknesses.

And this is to all my fellow students: learn by failing. Don’t put too much emphasis on the “failing” part, it’s just a saying, okay? But you get the point.

I somehow appreciate passing through my first year exactly like that. I think that’s how I’ve discovered another side of me. I also appreciate those having their life together since the very beginning. I would have loved to be like that too.

But even if I am not the biggest “failing” fan, I guess a little “failing” never hurt nobody.


Now go find that balance you need :)