Book presentation Maria Grever tremendous success

The book presentation of Onontkoombaar Verleden on June 26th through a webinar was a great success.

Onontkoombaar verleden in the media
Following the book presentation on Saturday June 27, Maria Grever was interviewed by Newsweekend on NPO radio 1. Watch and listen to this interview.

On Monday the 29th of June, an article was published in NRC (Dutch newspaper) where Maria Grever, emeritus professor of Historical Culture at Erasmus University Rotterdam, was interviewed about controversial statues and other current issues in connection to the past. Maria Grever has also been interviewed by ErasmusTV.

Onontkoombaar verleden
The iconoclasm in the Black lives matter movement illustrates the constantly changing meaning of the past. Although people and events often fall into oblivion, memories can come unexpectedly. The past is inescapable. But there is always a different understanding in the present, based on surviving traditions and historical traces. Nobody can tear themselves off or stand above it, but they can be adjusted. However, the resistance to these reinterpretations is high.

In the book Onontkoombaar verleden, Maria Grever discusses this fascinating philosophical theme based on the appeal of monuments, statues, traditions and memorial rituals, the search for ancestors in historiography, the phenomenon of Trumps alternative facts, and the importance of distance and ethical reflection for historical insight. View the book Onontkoombaar verleden digitally.



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