Borrowing from another library changed

Do you use our service to borrow from other libraries when a book or article is not available in our collection? On 28 January the University Library and the ISS Library will switch to a new tool for these requests.

What will change?
Did you find a book or article via sEURch that’s not part of our collection? You can now easily request the publication using the button Request through interlibrary loan to order from another library. Books can be collected at the pick-up location of your preference while digital copies will be send to your mailbox.

Rates and payment
On 28 January the rates will also change. The new rates are € 13.00 for a book and € 6.50 for an article. You pay from now on at the moment of collection at the information desk.  Articles can be paid afterwards at the information desk or via iDEAL.

For employees of the Erasmus University this service will be free of charge.

University Library: contact us by phone on 010-4081198 or via mail at
ISS Library: contact us by phone on 070-426 0456 or via our contact form