Bureau van Dijk stops with BankScope at the end of this year!

Researchers and students who use Bankscope should take notice that Bankscope data from Bureau van Dijk will be no longer available in 2016. 

Fitch, one of the key data providers for Bureau van Dijk (BVD) products, will stop working with BvD by the end of 2016. As Fitch owns parts of the data that are used by BvD in Bankscope, BvD is required to delete all data items from their products that are provided through Fitch. BvD is working on an alternative for Bankscope i.e. Orbis Bank Focus. More information on the new BvD product will be shared when we have more details. It is already clear however that the new BVD product will have less historical coverage on banks than Bankscope. We realize that the ending of Bankscope might have an impact on several EUR studies. These are our insights and recommendations, based on what we now know:

  • Researchers and students should take into consideration that Bankscope is no longer available from January 1st   2017
  • Researchers and students should plan and schedule data downloads from Bankscope accordingly and act NOW.
  • It is yet unclear whether Bankscope data will also be retrieved from WRDS. We’ll inform EUR researchers when we have more details on this issue.
  • It is also unclear, whether Fitch will in principle require BvD clients to remove data from storage media and prohibit future use. We don’t expect that this will become a reality, but we cannot exclude this at this moment