Calendar Academic ceremonies

  • PhD Defence R. La Distia Nora

    Mycobacterium Tuberculosis-Associated Uveitis: Infection and Autoimmunity
  • PhD Defence Y. van der Does

    To Treat or Not To Treat: biomarker-guided therapy for febrile patients in the emergency department
  • Inaugural dr. Ting Li

    Digital Traces: Personalisation and Privacy
  • PhD Defence M. Thoomes-de Graaf

    Evaluating Shoulder Pain; diagnostics and its interpretation
  • PhD Defence B.G.A. Heijnen

    Niet-betaling in de BTW
  • Valedictory prof.dr. A. Hofman

    The uses of Hippocratic epidemiology
  • PhD Defence B.F.H. Nieuwesteeg

    The Law and Economics of Cyber Security
  • PhD Defence X. Jia

    Do Home Country Institutions Matter in Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions? - The Case of China
  • PhD Defence O.Z. Yalnazov

    Essays on Precedent and Statute
  • PhD Defence W. Dankers

    Modulation of Th17 Cell Populations by Vitamin D: exploring therapeutic use in rheumatoid arthritis