Calendar Academic ceremonies

  • PhD Defence A. Konyali

    Being One of the Few: Professionally successful descendants of migrants from Turkey
  • PhD Defence A.M. Falla

    Towards the Elimination of Chronic Viral Hepatitis in Europe
  • PhD Defence D.H.F. Geurts

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Optimizing risk assessment and safety netting in children with infectious diseases
  • Inaugural Lecture dr. M. van Dijk

    In Praise of Nursing
  • PhD Defence A. Brahimaj

    Novel Risk Markers for Type 2 Diabetes: inflammation, lipids, body fat and sex hormones
  • PhD Defence Y. Onuki

    Spatio-Temporal and Multisensory Integration: The relationship between sleep and the cerebellum
  • PhD Defence J. Milic

    Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Healthy Aging: an Epidemiological Approach
  • PhD Defence B.A.C. Bronkhorst

    Healthy and Safe Workplaces in Health Care
  • PhD Defence B. Janse

    Great Expectations of Integrated Care
  • PhD Defence N.M. Kannegieter

    Monitoring Signal Transduction after Kidney Transplantation