Candidates for 2013 elections to ESE School Council

In connection with the election of student and staff members to the School Council, 11 students and 6 staff members have notified the School Elections Office that they wish to put themselves forward as candidates for a seat on the School Council. The candidates’ paperwork was checked by the Elections Office and all were declared to be valid candidates.

Student members:

Since there are 11 valid candidates for the 7 seats, elections will be held. The following students have applied:

NameStudent numberFinding Election Office regarding candidacyT. Lam 343322 geldig I.P. Jonker 360294 geldig C.W.A. Wouterleed 328793 geldig L.J.H.D. Hernandez Derbez 356402 geldig T. Vleeschhouwer 353341 geldig W. Ponsteen 355497 geldig J. van den Berg 341356 geldig M.C.S. van Leeuwen 345764 geldig L.E.M. Schmidt 337577


D. Tielen 335688


M.A. Compagner 334446


The elections will take place in accordance with the time frame prescribed by the university. Candidates will be given the opportunity to submit a short passage of text (max 1/3 of a sheet of A4) and a photo to the Central Elections Office in digital form (Ms. L.A.J. Baars, e-mail address until 16 April.

Voting will take place from 7 May until included 15 May: until 14:00 hours for voting on paper and until midnight (for electronic voting).

The results of the validly cast votes will be announced on 16 May on the website The results will also be notified to the elected individuals and be available for inspection at the elections office as soon as possible after 16 May.

Staff members:

NameFindings of Elections Office regarding candidacyR. Dekker valid N.A. Hofstra valid J.C.M. Kil valid V.A. Karamychev valid H.W.J.M. Trienekens valid P. Koellinger valid

Since there are 6 valid candidates for 7 seats, no elections will be held. All 6 staff members have been elected immediately.

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