Celebrating EUCjr's first graduates

On Friday 7th of April, we celebrated the end of the first EUCjr programme, concluding eight days of intense sessions where students followed workshops and got familiar with the social and academic culture of Erasmus University College (EUC). Now, we are proud to announce that EUCjr counts 31 certified students amongst its ranks. 

All the students were all in their second-last year of high school and came from different schools in Rotterdam. They visited EUC throughout the months of February, March and April to experience a Liberal Arts and Sciences programme, but also to explore what university is like and how it can be beneficial for their future. Hence, substantial and academic courses were part of the curriculum, but additionally courses in rhetoric, self-development, diversity, identity and the social environment of a university were themes that were touched upon.

On their last day, students started with the reporting phase of their Problem Based Learning (PBL) session of Life Sciences. They reported back on significant findings collected from their self-study, especially focusing on the origin of DNA and whether there is such a thing as race or whether we all share a same common ancestor. In the afternoon, all students started to prepare for their final presentation in which they gave a speech in front of their parents on what they learned from the programme. Afterwards, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, schoolteachers and staff were invited to join the festive certificate ceremony. All students were individually called to the front to receive their certificate from the Dean of EUC, Maarten Frens. It was clear that all students were proud – and secretly a bit nervous – to receive their certificate and all were personally addressed by the coordinator, Iris Bos, providing them with a personal statement.

The Erasmus Magazine interviewed some of the students and what stood out is that the students felt inspired and empowered by the programme. Many felt that they learned a lot – about academics, but also about institutional culture – and felt that they have grown as a person. Also, to many it became clear what can be expected when they will study at a university, which erased barriers and made place for their future academic career. All in all, we are proud to say that the first batch of EUCjr students have ‘graduated’.