Changing free parking into paid: what's the effect?

It can save time and money, and is better for the environment. Therefore it’s not strange that parking your car at a metro station and continuing the journey on RandstadRail is becoming ever more popular. But now, because of the popularity, the city of Rotterdam wants to start charging for parking.

What will the consequences of that idea be? That’s what EUR student Niels de Jong wants to find out, and so he’s decided to write his Bachelor’s thesis about it.

Also in Other Cities
De Jong has been studying Economics and Business Economics and following courses on urbanisation, transport and economics, amongst them ones that focused on the parking policies in different cities. ‘I got the idea for my thesis because local media were reporting on the possibility of making parking at metro stations in Berkel en Rodenrijs paid. So, following the example of Rotterdam.’

Want to Help?
De Jong is still in the start-up phase of his research and has made an online questionnaire. Do you use RandstadRail regularly and want to help De Jong with his research? Here you can read more. And don’t worry too much for now, because if you do continue by metro, you’ll pay just €2 to park your car..

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