Congrats! You picked one of the most innovative universities in Europe

Erasmus University Rotterdam campus

The universities of Delft, Erasmus Rotterdam, and Leiden make a successful alliance. Thomson Reuters recently listed them in the top 100 most innovative European universities. 



It was the second time the ranking of Europe’s 100 most innovative universities was published. The position in the ranking is determined, among other factors, by the number of scientific articles published, and the number of patents a university has applied for in the previous year. TU Delft holds the eighth position on the list, Leiden University the 17th, and Erasmus University the 32nd, making the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus alliance the highest-scoring Dutch universities in the ranking. The full list and how it was compiled can be viewed at Reuters.

A joint minor at Leiden-Delft-Erasmus
Students from Leiden University, Delft University, and Erasmus University Rotterdam have access to the minors of partner universities. The joint minors are provided by teachers from the three universities and accessible to all bachelor students. If you are interested in doing a joint minor go to


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