Cool design, made in Rotterdam

Picture by Ossip van Duivenbode

Rotterdam has many great designers. Some of them are now housed together at a beautiful location in the Industriegebouw. In concept store Groos, founded by Tjeerd Hendriks, you can admire their shopping bags, socks, jewellery, wallets, and other work.

Shopping bags
In 2000 Susan Bijl designed her first New Shoppingbag, inspired by the desire to reduce the waste of plastic bags and a less-is-more philosophy. In the shape of a normal plastic bag, ultra light and super strong because of the Ripstop nylon material, it’s now available in more than 250 colourful variations.

Ever considered the fact that someone once designed the socks you wear? Alfredo Gonzales is the first lifestyle sock brand in the world. If you are looking for something different to your basic black and white ones and want to make a simple outfit more exciting, check out Alfredo Gonzales’ colourful designs.

The Boyscouts is a cool accessory label founded by Zelda Beauchampet. Originally a product designer, she wants contemporary fashion to meet the aesthetics and tradition of scouting. The practical attitude is reflected in fuss-free outlines and affordable pieces. Also nice to know, The Boyscouts works with fair-trade materials.

Bags and wallets
Looking for the perfect bumbag? Augusta Wind has what you want. She creates minimalistic, original leather bags and wallets that are produced in her Rotterdam studio. Her designs only come in limited collections, because Wind believes the future of fashion is going to be more about art and us all wanting something unique.

Cubes, lamps, and mirrors
Ever wondered who makes the cubes that showcase the expensive bags in a Céline store? Well, its Sabine Marcelis, a Dutch installation, furniture, and product designer. She works for big names in the fashion industry like Isabel Marant and Eastpak, but also for Gemeente Rotterdam. In her Rotterdam studio she creates lamps, mirrors, and a great variety of other objects.


You can find Groos at Achterklooster 13,


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