Daniel Trottier and Chris Nierstrasz in the spotlight during Talent Day 2017

At Erasmus University Rotterdam, putting top researchers in the limelight on Talent Day is an excellent tradition. This year 33 researchers and the 50 students who successfully participated in the Erasmus Honours Programme 2016 will be proudly presented on 15 March 2017. Two ESHCC scholars will be honored: Dr Daniel Trottier and Dr Chris Nierstrasz.

Daniel Trottier obtained a Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. In September, he started his research on digital vigilantism. He focuses on multiple aspects of digital vigilantism. “On the one hand, this is a relatively new phenomenon. We are struggling to find the language to describe it, while at the same time it is linked to earlier forms of political mobilization and citizenship.”

Chris Nierstrasz is one of the researchers who received an EUR Fellowship. He will research the early modern consumption of coffee, tea and Indian textiles in Europe in his project entitled  'Luxuries for the People: Early Modern consumption of tea, coffee and Indian Textiles in Europe (1650-1800)'.


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