Did Rutte see this answer to his open letter yet?

The VVD is once again the Netherlands' biggest political party, which isn’t good news for the environment, according to two Econometrics master's students at Erasmus University Rotterdam. They wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte to express their concerns and it went viral.

Three of the largest parties in the government (VVD, CDA, and PVV) have no ambitious climate policy, which concerns Jurriaan Wesselink and Tsjip Holly a lot.

Sound Familiar?

To make sure their message would stand out, they based their letter on Rutte's open letter to the national newspapers during the campaign. They used all the same terms and figures of speech. Also, the format is similar, but Rutte's head was replaced with half a globe.

Concerns about the demise of the Dutch identity were replaced by concerns about the climate. In Ruttes letter it’s 'people' who are antisocial and don’t behave normally, but in this version it's the VVD itself.

Wesselink and Holly first published their letter on Facebook, but it got noticed and published by newspaper NRC Handelsblad. ‘Rutte must have read it. But we have still not heard from him,' they said.

Sustainability Days

The Erasmus Sustainability Days are coming up! Professor of Transitions Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam Jan Rotmans knows everything about climate change and will be speaking at the event.  Be part of the change and join in.


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