'Disciplining governance in Africa'

Dr Saba Kassa

Her thesis examined the promotion of governance in the African continent. It compares the Country Policy Institutional Assessment (CPIA) of the World Bank to the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) of the African Union.

She finds that while the content of the CPIA and APRM support the good governance agenda, the processes and outcomes are actually in disjunction to this discourse and do not influence aid allocation processes.

Kassa suggests that this is because the processes and outcomes of the CPIA and APRM are used as instruments of the World Bank and the African Union to normalize, legitimize and reproduce development structures that govern the power dynamics between the West and the Bank on the one hand, and the African Union and its member states on the other.


Download the full thesis - 'Disciplining governance in Africa: A comparison of the World Bank’s Country Policy and Institutional Assessment and the African Union’s African Peer Review Mechanism'


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