Discontinuation ECV

Dear colleagues,
Starting 1 November 2017, the Erasmus Centre for Valorisation (ECV) will discontinue its activities around valorisation at the EUR.

ECV spent the last 2.5 years building its services and improving the culture for valorisation at the EUR. The aim during this period was to embed this structure structurally and integrally into the organisation of the EUR. During the start-up phase, the EUR Holding Ltd. has provided financing for ECV.

The Board of the university has decided not to take over the financing of the Centre, and to facilitate the core business of valorisation differently within the organisation of the EUR. Subsequently, ECV is forced to discontinue its support of valorisation starting 1 November.

Part of the responsibilities of ECV will be transferred to the Programme Research Services (PRS). ECV has already transferred its knowledge, and the PRS will see to developing a new support system for valorisation within the means of the Programme.

All information on valorisation will remain accessible through the website and myeur.nl. In the accompanying brochure, you will find an overview of the activities of ECV and ECV's vision on valorisation support in the future (in Dutch). We have much enjoyed our role in supporting valorisation at the EUR, and will transfer this valuable task to the PRS.

We would like to thank you for the constructive cooperation, the positive responses to our services and the innovative ideas that we have had the honour to develop in cooperation with you.

The ECV team

Laurien Poleij, Jelko Dijkman and Sascha Krijger.

The PRS is available via researchservices@eur.nl and 010 – 4081720. The PRS website is www.eur.nl/en/education/researchmatters