Do you want to learn about investing?

Sophie Steijns (left) and Martine Witsiers

You can read books or watch ‘how to’ videos, but gaining real experience gives you a big advantage when you want to learn how to invest. So come and join the Student Investment Society of Erasmus University! B&R Beurs welcomes new members now.

Sophie Steijns is president of B&R Beurs. Together with committee member Martine Witsiers she tries to convince people to join the student investment society. ‘Our mission is to help our members to learn everything about investing.’ How? By readings, workshops, classes, guest speakers and company in-house days. And at the B&R Academy veteran members of the society and guest lecturers teach new members about the financial world. Off course there are also fun activities, like a social drink to be held every other week.


Open to all
B&R Beurs has a variety of members; from near professional investors to students with a basic interest in investing, both Dutch and international. Most study economics, econometrics, finance or business administration, but everyone is welcome. Old members help newcomers to integrate within the society and understand the basics of investing.

Investment competition
The core activity of B&R Beurs is the investment competition, which is organized every year. Steijns: ‘Investing takes place in groups, each group having between seven and twenty members. A new member can join an existing group or create its own.’ A group is registered as an association at the chamber of commerce. It has a chairman, a treasurer, and a trading bank account. Acting independently, with their own rules and specificities, the groups compete with different investment strategies and various levels of risk-aversion.

Real money
The competition starts in November and ends in July. Moreover, the money that is invested is real! ‘Throughout the year you will jointly invest about 500 euros per member,’ Steijns says. To calculate and report return and risk ratios and volatility, groups usually meet between once a week or once every two weeks. The group with the highest risk adjusted return at the end of the academic year wins the trophy.

Want to join?
So indeed, a great way to become acquainted with investing. Want to join? Become a member and send a mail to:

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