What does the Brexit mean for expats, refugees, students and other citizens who regularly cross borders? How will Brexit affect the Dutch and European economy, trade and business? And where do we stand now: will there be a soft deal or a hard deal? At Erasmus University Rotterdam, several academics are studying the separation of Great Britain from the European Union. On this page, you can read more about their research.


Brexit Festival: Nothing compares to EU

Erasmus University Rotterdam and Arminius present an evening about the Brexit

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Our students about the Brexit

How would you solve the Brexit puzzle?

Let's face it, Brexit has been become a complicated puzzle without an obvious solution. Patrick turned to this university's brain trust -you- to ask what needs to be done right now. And you have spoken: "Give up, or bring on that second referendum already!"

Geplaatst door Erasmus University Rotterdam op Vrijdag 18 januari 2019