Dr. Delia Dumitrica to speak at Screening Protest Symposium on May 13

On May 13, dr. Delia Dumitrica will be a speaker at the Screening Protest Symposium at Stockholm University. The symposium brings together scholars who have an interest in media coverage of protest and do research in and around this topic from different types of perspectives.

Dr. Dumitrica will be speaking about her paperIndividualising Engagement: Representations of Social Media and Political Engagement in the Canadian Press. "Global leaders in social media adoption, Canadians have come to integrate these technologies into the very fabric of their political life. From students protesting the schools’ dress codes or budgets, to local communities challenging urban development plans or public transit changes, platforms like Facebook and Twitter appear to empower citizens to impact the governance of their lives. New recipes for political engagement are touted, creating new horizons of expectations on how democracies work and how ruling elites can be held accountable. As their reports of cases of grassroots social media-enabled engagement increase, traditional media constitute crucial sites where such horizons are articulated. This presentation showcases the results of a qualitative analysis of a sample of such stories in the Canadian press between 2006 and 2014, exploring how the very notion of engagement is re-imagined in the process and speculating on the possible ideological consequences."