Dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg featured in De Kennis van Nu and Radio 1

Dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg was featured in an article by De Kennis van Nu andRadio 1 about Holland's missing out on the European Championship. Dr. Van Sterkenburg, specialized in sport media representations, was asked about his professional opinion on a number of matters.

Now that the Netherlands is not part of the European Championship, Holland will be missing out on a unique feeling of 'solidarity' where everyone stands firmly behind the Dutch 'Oranje' national team. De Kennis van Nu and Radio 1 questioned how much of a sense of connection and/or solidarity sport events such as the European Championship really achieve.

According to Dr. Van Sterkenburg sport events do indeed connect people, but this effect is merely short-lived. Additionally, that feeling of connection, solidarity and belonging is limited. He refers to the research he conducted on this topic: "White Dutch appeared to cheer with most devotion for the Dutch national team during the 2010 World Cup, whereas the Moroccan-Dutch group did so a lot less and the Surinamese-Dutch group maintained an intermediate position."

This shows that Dutch nationalism is a lot less inclusive than we think. Sterkenburg explains: "The white Dutch group had no issue at all with multi-ethnicity, however when the majority of the Dutch national team would consist of non-white or recently naturalized players, then some had more difficulty recogizing the Netherlands in the team."

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