Dr. Payal Arora Keynote Speaker at Oromo Studies Association in Oslo, Norway

Dr. Payal Arora will be the Keynote Speaker at the Oromo Studies Association in Oslo, Norway on April 1-2.

The theme for this conference is ‘Social Media and Social Movements: Leadership, Transnationalism and the Oromo Quest for Transformation.’ The conference examines the link (or absence of) between social media and social movements. It focuses on the Oromo protests in Ethiopia that began in April 2014, escalated in November 2015 and lasted to October 2016. The Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency and pulled down the curtain on everything, including all data based communication. Watching diaspora based broadcasts was made a criminal act. The role of social media in everything we do is now indisputable. Her talk will explore and critique the nexus between social media and social movements and how particular digital and material cultures intersect to enable social activism and change in the global South.

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