Erasmus 84Hr Student Film Project: sign up now!

It’s for the first time this year that Studium Generale organizes the 84Hr Student Film Project. Inspired on the world's largest timed filmmaking competition, the 48 Hour Film Project, students are challenged to make a short film in 84 hours.

On Thursday 26 October participating teams will receive their three ingredients: a sentence, an object, and a character. The completed film, not longer than 8 minutes, needs to be with the organisers the next Monday at 09.00 am. Filmmakers have just 84 hours to write, shoot and edit their film. They can work in teams, with at least one member studying at Erasmus University.

Come and see
Later that week, Thursday 2 November, all films will be screened before an audience consisting of participants and fellow students. A professional jury will decide which movie wins, and the audience can choose a favourite as well. Hans Groenendijk of 48hr Filmproject Rotterdam is one of the jury members, together with actress and former ESHCC-student Truus de Boer, and director and former RSM-student Marnix Hoogerwerf.

Develop your creative talent
Kirstin Feberwee of Studium Generale came up with the idea: ‘I’m a big fan of films myself, and I would like to encourage students to develop other talents besides those related to their studies. Already I’m looking forward to the films that are going to be made: I think they’ll be great. It’s sometimes amazing what can be done with a few simple means. Participants get a 20% discount at camera rental Budgetcam, but a lot is possible as well with mobile phones.’

And the winner is…
The winning film will be shown at Erasmus campus a few times, and the winning team(s) will be awarded with an exclusive master class by filmmaker Shariff Nasr. He won this years 48 Hour Film Rotterdam with his movie Oppassen.

More information

Need inspiration?

Sorry (2012) was produced by Jeroen Houben and tells the story of a dysfunctional family.

Underdog won the 2016 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam competition.


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