Erasmus China Law Centre awarded KNAW grant

In the light of the China Exchange Programme (CEP) the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) awarded the Erasmus China Law Centre a grant of 40,000 euro for the joint research project ‘Reforming the Investor-State Dispute Settlement System: Dutch and Chinese Perspectives’ between Erasmus School of Law and Wuhan University Law School.  

The project aims to stimulate and compare innovative ideas by Dutch and Chinese experts so as to make an academic contribution to reform the standing ISA through instituting an international investment court and advancing the operation of domestic courts for a fair and effective dispute settlement.

The two year project will include an international seminar in Wuhan,  an international conference in Rotterdam and the research output will be disseminated in articles and a book. Both the Dutch and the Chinese team will finalise their expert reports in English and in Chinese respectively, and submit the reports to the relevant authorities involved in EU-China BIT negotiations.

More information

Project leaders:
Prof. Yuwen Li (ESL)
Prof. Qi Tong (Wuhan)

Involved researchers:
Prof. Michael Faure (ESL)
Prof. Martijn Scheltema (ESL)
Cheng Bian (ESL)
Shu Li (ESL)
Wanli Ma (ESL)
Prof. Wan Meng (Wuhan)
Prof. Zhang Qinglin (Wuhan)
Dr. Xiao Jun (Wuhan)
​Dr. Liu Jinglian (Wuhan)