Erasmus Parking Plaza reopened on 18 January

The 'Erasmus Parking Plaza' parking garage will be open again. The garage was closed on December 9, 2020 due to a crack in the ceiling's concrete. After the initial investigations, the parking garage was found to be safe. In order to exclude a number of cases, a follow-up investigation has been carried out and this shows that the parking garage can be safely used again. Employees, students and visitors of the EUR can therefore park their car again in the 'Erasmus Parking Plaza' parking garage from 18 January.

Repair work and monitoring

The repair works will start in the coming period . The cracked hollow-core slab will be locally and structurally repaired and therefore the hollow-core slab remains temporarily supported during the work. The area around the cracked hollow-core slab will also be cordoned off for the work. In addition, the construction of the parking garage will be regularly monitored.

Parking garage Mandeville closed

Since the ‘Erasmus Parking Plaza’ parking garage can be reopened, the Mandeville Building parking garage will close again from Monday 18 January. With 1,000 spaces, the Erasmus Parking Plaza parking garage offers sufficient parking options on campus.

More information

For all your questions about parking on Campus Woudestein, please contact: The emergency room of Erasmus University Rotterdam: 010 408 1035.

For all your press-related questions, please contact: Rateb Abawi, Sr. Spokesperson at Erasmus University Rotterdam,, 06 3649 5419.

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