Erasmus University lovebirds: George & Anastasia

Falling in love while studying is the best. You’ve seen each other’s most irresponsible selves in a period of your life in which you had all the time in the world. George and Anastasia met in 2013 at Erasmus University and got married this summer. This is how their love came about.


George (32): ‘Anastasia and I saw each other for the first time in the U-building, now Hatta, where we stayed during our master studies at EUR. Both from Greece, to meet we apparently had to be in this vibrant international community that found residence in the dorm. We started going out and hit it off pretty well! So well actually, that we moved in together after the academic year ended a few months later.’


Anastasia (28): ‘We arrived on the same day at Schiphol Airport, on August 23 2013, but didn’t see each other then. We were picked up by a shuttle and brought to the Hatta Building. I was on the tenth floor, George on the seventh. We had several mutual friends.’


George: ‘Actually, we had a whole group of friends. We hang out together and then one day, after four or five months, she asked me to repair her laptop.’


Anastasia: ‘From that day on we started to hang out together. We said hello, talked, and not long after he asked me to this gala party in town. That was on 19 February, 2014.’


George: ‘There were a lot of people from Greece back then. I think it was the biggest group of international students after the Germans and the Chinese. When I came to Rotterdam, I had expected it to be big and busy. I knew the town to be a busy harbor city, the biggest in Europe. In Greece that would mean a lot of pollution and noise. But Rotterdam is different. I really love it.’


Anastasia: ‘George’s mother is Dutch. He’d been here twenty times already, for me it was the first time. We both had picked Rotterdam for our masters as Erasmus University has a very good reputation. In Greece we would never have met, as George is from Athens and I am from Thessaloniki, 500 kilometres up north. I am so happy we met. We moved in together straight after university. We both found jobs in the Netherlands, and last summer we bought a house not far from campus.’


George: ‘From the house we actually got a good view of the university. Sometimes we go for a walk on its grounds and reminisce. And… we got married this summer.’


Anastasia: ‘Explain how you proposed.’


George: ‘I wanted it to be a surprise. So I asked her to watch IT with me.’


Anastasia: ‘As in that really scary movie.’


George: ‘I really wanted to see that movie, and I thought she wouldn’t suspect my intentions while watching it.’


Anastasia: ‘I was wondering though why he had sushi and drinks and candle lights but I really had no idea.’


George: ‘We’ll have a big celebration in Greece next year, but we’ll stay in Rotterdam. The Netherlands has been really good to us! Sure, we miss the Greek cuisine and we certainly miss our family, but nowadays we call Rotterdam our home.’


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