EUR professor on major breakthroughs in brain research

Professor Steven Kushner on the human brain

You might have watched some episodes of the British science fiction television series Black Mirror, and wondered if what you see might become real one day. Well, yes, if we are to believe professor Steven Kushner from Erasmus MC.

Uncovering the mysteries of how to prevent and treat human brain diseases remains one of the most challenging problems in biomedical science. Recent technological breakthroughs have generated great optimism within the research community. We might be on the verge of major new developments in understanding and treating brain diseases.

Tonight Wetenschapscafé presents ‘Growing the brain in a petri dish’ by professor Steven Kushner, about these major breakthroughs in research on brain diseases. Kushner is Professor of Neurobiological Psychiatry at Erasmus MC. In his lecture he not only describes the new deveopments, but also discusses future directions in which technology might be taking us. Entrance is free!

Wetenschapscafé Rotterdam, Bistro Bar Binnenrotte, Hoogstraat 10