EUR scores high on QS Graduate Employability Rankings

Employers get some of their most competent, innovative and effective graduates from Erasmus University. And also some of the world’s most creative, entrepreneurial and philanthropic individuals.

Erasmus University scores high on the 2018 QS Graduate Employability Rankings! In one of the key performance areas, Employer Reputation (basically how happy employers are with graduates), EUR ranks 79th among 600 institutions. When it comes to Alumni Outcomes (high-achieving alumni) EUR ranks 99th.

Employer Reputation and Alumni Outcomes are among the most important indicators used by QS to establish the rankings. Compared to the average in the Netherlands, EUR is ranked a whopping 30,9 places higher when it comes to Alumni Outcomes. As for Employer Reputation, EUR is ranked 24,4 places above average. Overall, Erasmus University is placed in the 131-140 range, which means it is among the top 28% of all the 600 ranked institutions.

The Graduate Employability Rankings is arguably the first attempt of its kind to globally compare the employability outcomes of 600 higher education institutions. It tries to answer questions like: How reputed are the institutions among employers? Are the institutions nurturing high-achievers? How connected are institutions to companies? And how attractive are an institution’s recent graduates to employers?

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