Finding publications on your topic fast. What to do?

Snel publicaties over je onderwerp vinden Hoe doe je dat?

The library offers hundreds of databases to search for scholarly literature on a specific topic. But what is a good way to get fast results?

Both sEURch, our own search engine as Scopus, a multidisciplinary database are good starting points.

Check both videos for a brief and clear explanation:

Use sEURch to look for literature by subject
Use Scopus to look for literature by subject

All information on searching, finding en managing scholarly literature can be found in our Training & Support Portal.This portal contains short modules on a certain subject which consists of explanatory texts, videos and excercises.

When searching for literature on a particular topic you first focus your topic by reading about it in encyclopedias, newspapers, reference books and on the Internet. Then you formulate a research question. What are you looking for exactly? Think of keywords, which define your subject as good as possible.

Learn more: 
Focus your topic
Concept mapping
Build your search profile

The library offers access to many databases with journal articles, books, reports and other publications. These databases are not always accessible through search engines such as Google. Combine searching internet resources such as Google, Wikipedia with our databases to achieve the most complete search result.

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