Floris Italianer starts as director Convergence

As of 1 May 2022, Floris Italianer will be the new director of Convergence, the strategic partnership between Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft and Erasmus MC, which is currently in full development. The Convergence Executive Board (CEB) is pleased with the appointment of Italianer as director who will further develop the Convergence into the next phase.

The Convergence Executive Board (CEB) has decided to appoint Floris Italianer (1959) because of his broad experience as a director of various (network) organizations and partnerships and as an advisor to start-ups and scale-ups. Italianer studied Economics at the University of Groningen and obtained his master's degree in Economics, Finance & Marketing at the Interfaculty of Business Administration, the then joint study program of Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft. For the past 9 years, Italianer was director at the Heart Foundation (Hartstichting).

As director of Convergence, Italianer will work to further shape the ambitions of Convergence. The potential of the strategic collaboration between Delft and Rotterdam is enormous on many fronts. Italianer will further position the strategic cooperation both nationally and regionally and optimally facilitate the alliance from a coordinating role. Italianer will become the director of the Convergence Office, which supports the CEB in preparing and implementing its policies, coordinating external affairs and coordinating the various working groups that have been set up to facilitate cooperation between the business operations of the institutions.

Tackle major societal challenges together

Floris about his new position: “During my studies at the Interfaculty of Business Administration, I learned to tackle problems from different disciplines. Collaboration of different people, organizations and institutions leads to mutual curiosity, imagination and creativity and a willingness to tackle the major societal challenges together. I am extremely motivated to support the CEB in this.”

Ed Brinksma on behalf of the CEB: "We are very pleased with Floris Italianer as director of Convergence. Due to the great growth and the dynamics within the Convergence, we notice that there is a need for a director who takes the collaboration to a higher level and takes the organization further. We look forward to continue building this movement together with our partners to form an ecosystem in which we work on new perspectives and solutions for the societal challenges of today and tomorrow."


More information

The urgent and complex societal challenges of our time call for convergence; the crossing of boundaries between institutes and disciplines to create new perspectives and solutions. See the Convergence website for more information.

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