Food shortages in Venezuela

Christina Schiavoni

Interview with PhD researcher Christina Schiavoni

In an interview with Italian journalist Lillo Montalto Monella, Christina talks about the politics behind shortages of basic items missing from supermarket shelves in Venezuela and how these connect to broader issues of food politics in the country, from petroleum, to food importation, to corporate concentration in the food industry.

She also shares responses to the current crisis coming from grassroots movements, such as alternative markets, direct producer-consumer links, and a major transition toward agroecology.

The interview was featured in 18 regional newspapers in Italy and spread widely on social media. It is based on a report that Christina co-authored for the US-based NGO and think tank Food First entitled 'Hunger in Venezuela: A look behind the spin'

Christina was also interviewed about the report by the public Greek Radio Television service (article in Greek only).