Great news for party people: Rotterdam will feature a night metro

Who hasn't faced the problem of having to go home early to catch the last metro? From January next year, that problem will be (at least partly) solved, because the metro will run for one hour longer on Friday and Saturday nights.

Rotterdam will be the first Dutch city with a night metro. The city is spending €700,000 on the project, which will initially be a one-year experiment. D66, the political party that came up with the idea, is happy their plan is going to be executed.

Chairman of D66 Rotterdam, Samuel Schampers, said: ‘It’ll be beneficial for the cultural institutions and nightlife in the city. I think people will be tempted to stay in town a bit longer, also the ones from surrounding boroughs. It's nice that they don't have to rush home after a concert or theatre play. I am sure a lot of people will use the new night metro.’

Metropolitan city
The city of Rotterdam is now taking on all costs, but Schampers hopes the surrounding boroughs will want to contribute as well. He is very positive about the plans, and thinks by summer next year Rotterdam will even be able to expand their plans for the night metro. The new chairman of the public transport operator RET, Maurice Unck, is also excited. ‘The night metro fits Rotterdam, that’s becoming more and more of a metropolitan city, perfectly.’


Source: Metronieuws



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