Heading towards a new library system.

Op weg naar een nieuw bibliotheeksysteem

The University Library will be changing over to a new library system - OCLC World Share Management Services - with effect from 11 July 2016. The library is offering more and more digital sources, and the services and systems are being adapted accordingly. The present system has been in force for 30 years and needs to be updated. 

World Share Management Services will provide the University Library with a complete package providing all the necessary options for this modernisation.

As a borrower, you will soon be able to find all available information - from e-journals to books - through sEURch, and you can also use sEURch to order your books directly. The old OPC catalogue will no longer be available from that date on.

Another new feature is the fact that you will be able to choose the location at which you collect the books you have ordered. The new library system combines the collections at the University Library, the International Institute for Social Studies (ISS), Sanders Law Library, the Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet and Erasmus MC’s Medical Library, although you can still consult all these institutions separately if you wish. You can borrow books for a longer period and you can borrow more books as well.

We will still be transferring the data manually during the weekend in which the library switches over to the new system (8, 9 and 10 July). This means that no books can be ordered between 09:00 on Thursday 7 July and 09:00 on Monday 11 July.

We will be keeping you updated on these new developments and on the temporary ‘freeze’ during the coming weeks.